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  • Manatoz is a disabled veteran, women owned, minority HUB business founded with relationships and partnerships to provide value of a much larger organization. We are not a traditional VAR, but focus on a few key strategic areas across all vertical markets. We look at these various technology stacks that should be designed, built, and maintained as complete engineered systems.

  • Mission and value. We work with major vendors, emerging technology, and open-source communities. We help sort through our customers' requirements and match those to custom pre-validated and tested engineered solutions. We then source various components, building the solutions as a turnkey system in our partner's 125,000 integration facility, and deliver to our clients with least minimal friction possible.

Industries served

  • Research

  • Financial

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Military

  • Government

  • Oil and gas

  • Retail


    • Surveillance

      Bringing camera systems together with other solution practices to deliver more complete holistic solutions. Real time analytics, early threat detection, and computer automated rapid response.

    • Security

      Everyday threats grow more and more complex and so should the technology that combats them! Bringing together cybersecurity, network and computer security as well as physical, IoT and cameras solutions all tied together with analytics platforms to correlate and defend against the threats that exist today and anticipate future ones

    • Big data

      Data is the most valuable asset and how to mine and make sense of that data is critical to the mission of your organization. Wither looking for insights, driving efficiencies or saving lives we can help you develop the right architectures and analytics to extract the information that has the value and impact your organization needs.

    • Compute

      Server architectures and requirements are rapidly changing. The next generation data-center requires a different thought process and different solutions for each unique use-case. We customize and solve challenges including cooling and management of the different solutions using provisioning and software-defined methods to gain the most efficiencies.

    • HPC

      High Performance Computing, exploding data volumes, increasingly complex workloads, and wider adoption are stressing legacy HPC architectures and methodologies. Our systems are custom designed to satisfy even the most demanding needs for analysis and processing speeds with a modern, scalable, optimized infrastructure that brings traditional HPC and New Stack seamlessly.

    • AI / automation

      Automation is key in this era where data, end-points and computing requirements are exploding. Software defined solutions, cognitive neural networks, machine learning, and AI solutions are becoming necessary to keep up with the demands.

    • Hybrid cloud

      We believe Cloud can bring value and more choice. It should be considered as part of an overall strategy including SaaS and Hybrid strategies. The management and control of these solutions is where we chose to focus to ensure that you have control of both the data and costs making the right choices and investments.

    • IoT

      This is a rapidly changing and maturing market with endless applications and use cases. This also drives many of our practice areas as we seek to optimize and gain insights of our internet of things.

    • Edge computing

      Our solutions interface a variety of devices and endpoints creating end-to-end mobile solution. This end-to-end approach allows you to realize your business, technology and strategic mobility initiatives with solutions designed and tested to work together as a holistic system. We strive to work this and have a variety of solutions to enable mobile,IoT and Edge in our labs

    • Networking

      We have the partnerships and knowledge to build next generation networks but also ensure that we are compatible with networks our solutions connect with. The network is an essential part of all of our solutions.

    • Software

      It all starts with the Software from ease of deployment and management tools to the hardened software stacks that make up the complete systems we deliver. We look for dafacto standards, new innovative technology, opensource and customizations in order to come up with the right solution and build the best architecture to support the workloads.

    • Storage

      Storage is the heart of any organization and its data is the blood flow. Having the right architecture for the right workloads and use cases matters. We focus on offering a variety of solutions so that we have the right tools for the solutions that we build.


  • solution design

    Solution design

    Working with our clients we architect the solutions using industry leading technologies, validated designs and customer

  • procurement


    We strive to be easy to work with and add value by conjoining all system parts, and seamlessly work with multi Vendors to propose the best possible cost structure and flexible XaaS and financing options to structure expenditure.

  • integrate

    Systems integration

    Engineered systems integration as Turn-Key Systems is what we do. From small rack builds to full containerized Mobile Data Centers, our 125,000 sq feet facility can accommodate very large projects and global implementations.

  • Deliver and deploy

    Custom delivery systems and specialized processes ensure a safe delivery of the engineered system. Quick seamless Intergration of system into production drastically reduces technology deployments increasing time to value.

  • training


    Knowledge is a key part of the value we provide to our clients through detailed runbooks, training, and documentation of solutions offered.

  • Maintain

    Systems must be maintained and we believe this is a big part of our value working with vendors in tight change control holistic upgrade procedures that have been tested and validated.

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